Reception of Bobby

Bobby has a 46% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 169 reviews; The average score was 5.6 out of 10. The consensus says: “Despite the best intentions of director Emilio Estevez and great, succumb to a script full of unnecessary sub-lines and uncomfortable moments of work too difficult to deal with the time Contemporary contemporary “. [7] The film also has a score of 54 out of 100 on Metacritic, based on 31 reviews, indicating mixed or average reviews.

AO Scott of The New York Times wrote that despite the director’s “great and honorable task” and “absolutely wonderful” intentions, “actors seem more like” very special guest stars “than the actual 1968 Crucial Americans … Some stories feel too melodramatic, obviously, while others are vague to the point of hermeticism. In plots linked to Vietnam and drugs, the point was stressed too hard … then other narratives turn to no visible mark. However, the ambition behind Bobby is big and serious. ”

Kevin Bark, The Los Angeles Times, called it “hardened ambitious film of sincerity and suffering with nostalgia that despite the energy provided by the title icon through archive footage, it falls dramatically in almost all other directions. To the Alttem interaction Nashville or shortcuts, but it feels like one of those epic disasters of the 70s, such as the earthquake and the colossal on fire, in which a cast of stars that lasts melodramatic stories because the public expects the Main event and try to guess who will be the return of the final … it is easy to be swept away by the palpable excitement Estévez shows of it, but the pedestrian dialogue and over-exposed characters the film also demonstrates by stifling the excerpts of broadcast Kennedy speech.

Deborah Young, said Variety about Estévez: “Building writer and director in a way that I had never done before, [that] managed to put together an intricate design story” and added the film “carries a mysterious news that makes many of its Ideas instantly clique. ” Armond White of New York Press wrote that the film “has a human softness” and that “ethnic groups, literally united and strongly different, strata of labor and social castes” so that “is not schematic: precision And credibility have flash Tocqueville. ”

Steve Persall St. Petersburg has classified the movie C, which he described as “a mixture away too fiction, facts and zero speculation” Estévez and “poor filmmaker.” Michael Medved, who was in the Ambassador’s Ballroom (20 feet from the podium) Kennedy night was murdered, awarded the three-star movie of four and called it “flawed but intriguing.” He added: “Emilio Estevez most of the feelings of the occasion, but the melodramatic and multi-character format is a little irregular and distracting.”

Richard Roeper said “Estévez wrote and directed with such passion, so much subtlety … He wants the film to be in a movie like Robert Altman’s Nashville, but it falls short.” Peter Travers of Rolling Stone gave the film a star and called it “banal fiction” and a “tasteless nonsense”. It is among the worst films of 2006, like Lou Lumerick, the New York Post, that described it like “ambitious, but totally wrong banalization”.